Brochure: What is Share A Fare?

Share A Fare is a cab and rideshare subsidy program for residents of the Greater Omaha and Lincoln areas who are legally blind or whose vision precludes them from driving.

Through a survey conducted in 1989 of blind and visually impaired individuals in the Omaha metropolitan area, it was clear that transportation needs were not being met.  Bus routes are limited, thus inhibiting access to employment, educational, medical and social opportunities.  The Omaha Chapter of the American Council of the Blind of Nebraska launched the Share A Fare program in 1993 to address these transportation needs.

How Does Share A Fare Work?

Share A Fare allows participants to obtain an iCare card at no cost and purchase cab fare at a reduced rate. The iCare card can be used to pay all or part of an individual's cab fare.  Funds on the card do not expire. Participants may add funds to the iCare card once per month; funds can accumulate and be used as needed.

How Can I Get Started?

Have a certifying agent complete the online application or PDF application.  Certifying agents can be a healthcare provider, rehabilitation counselor, or vision care provider. 

Completed PDF application may be mailed to: 

Share A Fare, Inc.
PO Box 6253
Omaha NE 68106-0253

Alternatively, the completed PDF application may be scanned and emailed to
Once the application has been processed and approved, applicants will be provided with additional details on how to purchase coupon books.

How Can I Help?

In 2003, the Share A Fare program incorporated as a separate nonprofit organization. The demands for funding of Share A Fare are ongoing.  Tax-deductible donations are greatly appreciated and can be sent to:
Share A Fare, Inc.
PO Box 6253
Omaha NE 68106-0253

For more information:
phone: 402-827-9814