Promotions & Specials

Due to a recent grant, the Board of Directors is pleased to inform you that you may buy up to four cab coupon books per month for October, November and December, OR receive a larger reimbursement through the ridesharing program for the same months. This is only a temporary increase.

  • You may order a maximum of four, $25.00 cab coupon books per month at half price for a cost of $50.00. Cab coupon books may be purchased in one of three ways:

1.  By Mail: Make checks payable to Share A Fare, Inc. and mail to the above address. Remember to have your order to us by the 20th of October, November and December. Coupons will be mailed to you on, or after, the 25th of the month. Please include an additional $2.00 for postage, for a total of $52.00.

2. Online: Purchase coupon books online via our secure website Please either call or email us if you do not have a username and password. Remember that all online transactions must be completed by noon on the 20th of each month.

3. In person: Cab coupon books can be purchased at the monthly meetings of the Omaha Council of the Blind (OCB), or at the Omaha Association of the Blind (OAB).

  • For those participating in the Uber/Lyft Ridesharing program, the reimbursable amount for October, November and December will be $50.00 per month. Reimbursement checks will be mailed in January of 2019. Please keep in mind the following guidelines:

1. You may email receipts monthly or wait until a sufficient dollar amount is reached and email multiple receipts simultaneously, by noon on the 20th of January to An administrative fee of $2 will be assessed when reimbursement is mailed at the end of the quarter. Submitted receipts cannot overlap other quarters.

2. Should you choose to email multiple receipts as attachments, such attachments must be unaltered from their original send, cut and pasted into Microsoft Word, saved and sent in a .doc, .docx, .pdf or .txt format. Receipts sent via United States mail will not be processed for reimbursement.

3. Reimbursement for RideSharing receipts will only be processed for trips beginning and ending within the Greater Omaha Metropolitan area.
As a reminder, the increase is only for the months of October, November and December. Starting in January of 2019, we will return to standard operating procedures. Requests for ridesharing  reimbursement must then be received by noon on the 20th of April, July and October.

Remember, you can still purchase by mail and in person. We must receive your coupon request by the 20th of each month.

You can also purchase cab coupons at one of two monthly meetings, the Omaha Association of the Blind on the 3rd Tuesday of the month, or at the Omaha Council of the Blind on the 2nd Thursday of the month.

Share A Fare is announcing two cab options:
zTrip (formerly Happy Cab) & City Taxi. City Taxi has a limited service area. Call 402-933-8700 for details.